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About Us

Liaocheng Sunsmile Musical Instrument Inc is a division of Sunsmile Group, which was established in 1975. Sunsmile has had over 18 years of experience in the musical instrument industry, and we are specialists in all type of guitars. Committed to providing quality products with the latest fashion trends, it is our goal to provide our customers with the latest styles in professional guitars at the best prices.

We use exclusively seasoned and hand-picked wood to make our instruments. Our computerized precision manufacturing processes guarantee you superb craftsmanship, comfortable handling, rich sound and excellent playability.

We consider ourselves as the No. 1 Guitar Manufacturer in China, not only because of our outstanding products, but also the service Sunsmile is capable of providing with you, such as Door-to- Door Delivery, Finance Service, etc.

We value every inquiry from our customer, and that is why we guarantee to quote for your inquiry within 24 hrs. We make it a priority to provide quality products, instant service and competitive pricing to our consumers around the world.

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